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Welcome to the Heninger Elementary School website!  I hope our website gives you a feel for the “Culture of Success” that we possess at our school.   Our teachers, staff, and parents earned a California Distinguished School award and this was accomplished  because of their belief that all students can be successful.  If our website does not give you the information that you are looking for please call us at 714-953-3800.  For day to day happenings, please follow us on Twitter @heningerschool, Facebook @HeningerAllStars, or Instagram @heningerallstars.

Thanks for visiting,

William Skelly, Principal

Principal's Message

December 12, 2016 

Greetings All Stars,
As the 2016 year winds down, I wanted to take this time to let our school community know many of the wonderful things that I see happening at our school.  Our girls' basketball team just won the first game in our young intramural history.  A big shout out to Mr. Cohen and Mr. Fredricksen and our outstanding young athletes.  Mrs. Rodriguez and her band of soccer players went out and gave their all and represented our school well.  Mrs. Maxson, our Suzuki violin teacher, is all over our school. She can be seen tuning violins, moving carts, instructing students or working with parents. Mrs. Saenz and her group of faithful teachers (Ms. Knight, Mr. Cifuentes, and Mrs. Campbell) have provided a great Saturday school experience for our students that need to make up absences. Our film teachers Ms. Guzman, Mrs. Rowan, and Ms. Lunt continue to support our young filmmakers.   We are offering many hours of tutoring to our students in all grade levels.  We are fortunate to have Mrs. Beltran, Mr. De La Caudra, and Mrs. Ghodsi preparing our students for the winter program that will be this Friday, December 16th in the historic Santa Ana High School auditorium at 6:00 pm.  Ms. Gardea and her ballet folklorico dancers will be performing on Friday, December 23rd at 1:00 pm in the Santa Ana High School auditorium. Our partners at Triple Threat and Capital Group continue to support our mission of giving our students meaningful enrichment experiences through sports, music, chess, and dance.  Also, Ms. Wheatley's yearbook staff is recording all this for their yearbook at the end of the year.  I am sure I have missed some activities that are happening...but you can see...this is one exciting place.
We had our parent LCAP meetings and I wanted to share with you we will be focusing on many aspects that our community feel are important for their children.  They would like more space for our programs, a parent library for them have access to, continue our enrichment and tutoring programs, and they would like us to recognize our teachers for their work.   I can't wait to see what is in store for our Heninger community in 2017!
Go All Stars! 
William Skelly, Principal 
Mr. Skelly  


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