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Garfield Elementary

Santa Ana Unified School District

Mr. Kasey Klappenback, Principal

850 E. Brown Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Main Office: (714) 972-5300

Attendance: (714) 972-5395

Principal's Message

 "Moving Forward and Making Progress in March!”
                                                                                                                                                      March 1, 2017
Happy March Parents,

 As we move into March, I wanted to take this opportunity to recap a few of the events and learning experiences at Garfield Elementary this February.  This month Gators will continue to develop their growth mindsets,  by focusing on the fact that effort makes a difference and leads to mastery.   We want our students to recognize that “Hard work pays off!”

First of all, I would like to thank PTA  for their amazing work in making our annual Family Movie Night huge success! We enjoyed hot dogs and popcorn, while watching the movie Trolls.  Your support and participation of this event helped to raise money for our art teacher from Meet the Masters and  filed trip experiences.     

As a result of our PTA fundraisers, Kindergarten Gators were able to visit Centennial Farm. Our first and third grade students were able to become marine biologists as they visit the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.   Fourth  grade Gators were taught how to create lyrics, accentuating the positive by an actual lyricist.  Mrs. Heil’s and Mr. Simon’s fourth grade performers rocked the stage with their musical performances of Geology Rocks. All Gators, also learned about famous author and artist, Faith Ringgold. Afterwards students were taught how to replicate her artistic style and techniques through the creation of a quilt.  Thank you parents for all of your hard work volunteering in classrooms. 

During our February Parent Meeting, participants were given the opportunity to build spool racers like engineers. Parents were also shown NGSS and Engineering performance expectations.  Our March parent meeting will consist of sharing reading & math growth data and Project lead the Way engineering.  All parents are welcome to join in more science and engineering fun in March!  Information and resources were also shared about immigration and how SAUSD has a

“Non-Threatening” policy. Mrs. Saltzer also presented more information at the ELAC meeting. Please see the office if you need help finding resources.

 Our Gators continued exploring engineering. First grade gators started designing appropriate shoes for a specific habitats, based on what they learned about animal adaptations. Second grade Gators dove into computer science as they worked in teams to create a new video game.  Fourth grade scientists learned how concussions impact the human brain. Ms. Olivas and Mr. Marx continued to lead Engineering is Elementary classes for 4th and 5th grade students.  This group of engineers will be given an opportunity to attend an engineering field trip in Spring.

Garfield Gators have also worked hard at becoming historians and athletes this month. A group of third and fourth grade students conducted research projects with regard to “Taking A Stand” and participated in the National Day of History at the Orange County Department of Education Showcase.   Another team of Gators, along with Coach Mike have become the team to beat in volleyball. You can support our team on Tuesday evenings at Santa Ana High School.  Second and third grade students also participated in our annual Winter Olympics facilitated by Ms. Rhone. We sure appreciated the parents who supported us with this event

 I would like to thank all of the Garfield families for supporting our students, teachers, and staff. Your support and teamwork has helped to enrich the education of our students! 

As educators and parents, we must all hold our students accountable to the highest of expectations! All “GARFIELD GATORS are Raising the Roof with STEAM!”

Remember... Garfield Gators SWISH (Scholarly Worthy Innovative Successful Honorable)

In sincere gratitude,
Mr. Klappenback
Mr. Kasey Klappenback


Garfield Elementary

Mr. Klappenback  
Kasey Klappenback
(714) 972-5300
Garfield Elementary
Santa Ana Unified School District


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