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1. How do I know if my child attended school all day?

The dash (-) indicates that the student was present and in class.

2. What does the A mean?

The A means that your child was either absent for the full day or for that period. The A also indicates that the school did NOT receive notification of why your child was absent. 

3. What do I do if it says 'Unverified?'

Please call MacArthur's Attendance Office (714) 568-7717 and provide Mrs. Garcia the reason for your child's absence.

4. What is the difference between the K and Y tardies?

The K is used for students who are late less than 30 minutes and are not subject to the Truancy Law. The Y is used for students who are late over 31 minutes and is subject to the Truancy Law and parents will receive a Truancy Notification Letter from the school.

5. How will I know if my child was absent during the day?

Each dash (-) indicates the periods that your child was present. A letter code will indicate the period(s) he/she was absent.


Absence Code




Absent: no verification


School Business: Student is present but maybe at the front office, nurse's, and/or counselor's office. (Excused absence)


Home/Hospital or Independent Study: Student has been placed in either program



Field trip: Student was absence due to a school sponsored field trip


Illness: Excused absence for student's illness, injury or medical reason


Personal: Excused and verified absences due to funeral, jury duty, court probation/legal appointment


Tardy: Unexcused tardy less than 30 minutes


Tardy: Excused tardy due to student's doctor/dental appointment or illness. Parent must provide a note from a medical provider.


Medical: Absence due to verified appointment with health care professional during school hours. Parent must provide a note from a health care professional.


Suspension: Student suspended off campus and restricted from school attendance


Truancy: Student who cuts school and is in violation of compulsory law of education


Unexcused Absence: No explanation of absence was provided to the school or any other reason for absence not listed above


Achievement Reinforcement Center (ARC): Student was at the ARC Truancy Center


Tardy: Unexcused tardy over 31 minutes and subject to the Truancy Law