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Preparing All Students for Success in College and Career

All tests must be corrected, completed, signed and returned.
 Math: multiplication; rows 3. Draw an area model and solve, then use the distributive property to solve. (? x ?) + (? x ?) =
        JiJi ;at least one hour each week (you should have a 10% progress each month at the minimum)
                                     JiJi home log in code: THO75i HCP-K7-S5H
                        JiJi tablet log in code: School ID: THO75i  Password: HCPK7S5H
Language Arts: verbs
Other: Word Ladder
Reading: Be sure you are reading in your range of levels; do not go below.
You must read a minimum of 45 minutes each day and be prepared to take and pass  AR quizzes each week to earn at least 3 points. Read longer if you need to!

 Reading goal for every student is 1,000,000 words!  How many million can you read?

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