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Preparing All Students for Success in College and Career

      At MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School, students, staff, and parents are committed to academic excellence, citizenship, patriotism, and respect for all. As a fundamental school, Douglas MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School is committed to educating students through a highly-structured program of standards-based academic skills and enrichment and the establishment of good study habits. Staff members share the common goals of instilling within each student a sense of responsibility, patriotism, pride in accomplishment, and a positive self-image. These goals are accomplished by a contractual commitment from our staff, parents, and students and are supported with accountability. caitlyns tiger

Our mission is to provide a balanced, comprehensive, standards-based core curriculum with a steadfast emphasis on high expectations and accountability for all students.

-MacArthur Tiger artwork courtesy of Caitlyn Becerra, 2010